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Charter of the good guide

Charter of the good guide
You are the representatives and the ambassadors of our Web platform outside.

Your holding(dress) must be exemplary, we put you in connection with our travelers and we want the service(department) and the quality are in produce you!
Your guided tours have to decorate a walk, thus a thorough knowledge of places is essential. We prepared you an address book of places to visit of big cities, you can also help us to complete him(it)

Well inquire about the service(department)

The job(business) by tourist guide or guide indeed dresses(takes on) several aspects, that you are a professional or a private individual who wishes to make his city known: he(it) consists first of all in taking care of a traveler or of a group of travelers and in assuring(insuring) the organization and the good progress of their visits. The traveler is under the responsibility of the guide or the guide. You thus owe you assure(insure) to have a third-party insurance adapted to make this type(chap) of service(department).

It is essential to possess these few qualities to throw(launch) to you

A good guide or a tourist guide so owes be: available, pleasant(kind), warm, dynamic, organized and especially fascinated because he has to know places which surround him(it) (you can consult our index cards(forms) on the various tourist places). You must be able to arouse the interest and the curiosity of your interlocutors. Finally, to be a good speaker is an essential quality because the guide or the guide must be able to get the attention of his(her) public.

Inquire about one or several regions where you would like to work

Finally, one of the essential stages to begin, is to inform you about the region in which you would like to work first of all. You familiarize have its history(story), its culture, its monuments and make your choice. It will also be an asset(trump card) during your interview(maintenance) because he will allow you to show your knowledge and your legitimacy as guide or tourist guide.

Be conscious professional

The delays and the cancellations at the last minute can harm you as well as in the provided you with platform. We want the travelers are warned minimum 3 hours before for a change whatever it is.

Our mutual responsibilities
We assure(insure) a service(department) of intermediation and do not check(control) your activity. So, you act exclusively on your behalf and for your account. This allows you to choose your status freely (self-employed or other). As a consequence(accordingly), you are solely responsible for various payments to realize (tax and taxes, national insurance contributions) ensuing from sums perceived(collected) within the framework of guide's activity exercised via our platform. We can on no account be indebted with an administration or with a body of some sums(naps) whether it is as such

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