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Charter of the good guide

You are the representatives and ambassadors of our web platform outside.

Your outfit must be exemplary, we put you in touch with our travelers and we want service and quality to be there!
Your guided tours must enhance a walk, so a knowledge of the place is useful. We have prepared an address book of places to do big cities, you can also help us to complete it

Find out more about the service

The profession of tour guide or guide is in fact of several aspects, whether you are a professional or an individual who wants to make your city known: it consists first of all to take care of a traveler or a group of travelers and to ensure Organization and proper conduct of their travel and visits. The traveler is under the responsibility of the guide or guide, you must ensure that you have adequate liability insurance to perform this type of service.

It is essential to possess these qualities to get you started

A good guide or tourist guide has to be: available, friendly, warm, dynamic, organized and above all passionate because he must know the places that surround him (you can consult our fiches on different tourist sites). You should be able to awaken the interest and curiosity of your interlocutors. Finally, being a good speaker is an essential quality because it must be able to capture the attention of its audience.

Find out which area (s) you would like to work in

Finally, one of the first steps to start, is to learn about the region in which you would like to work in the first place. Familiarize yourself with its history, culture, monuments ... and make your choice. It will also be an asset during your interview as it will allow you to show your knowledge and your legitimacy as a tour guide.

Have a professional conscience

Delays and cancellations at the last minute can bring you harm. We want travelers to be warned at least 3 hours prior to any change.

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Better Visibility

Thanks to our network developed in Europe and in the world, we are your best ally to put you forward in front of travelers. You can practice in other countries where we are located.
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An Online Calendar

Manage your appointment online with very simple and easy management tools to handle.
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Saving Time

Manage your appointment online with very simple and easy management tools to handle.
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Benefits In Kind With Our Partners Shop

you get discount in souvenir shops, restaurant and more on each visit in their structures.
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An Increase In Revenue

An easy way to increase your monthly income.
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Recognition Of Qualifications

(skills are highlighted on the individual record of the guide) compliance warranty status
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Rates Of Freedom

The tariff is set by you and only to you, no price limit. Your price is set according to your skills, types of courses, activities in parallel associated with your course. Its entirety is more to set your price..
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A Reduced Commission

Low commission of 5 % only. On average our coaches earn € 168 per week, including commission, on a three-day basis.
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